About Us

SILACA GLASS CRUSHERS is committed to matching New Zealand’s love of the environment and sustainability with market viability by offering products from recycled content material through a sustainable manufacturing process.

We do this by contributing to NZ’s waste minimisation and recycling initiatives to allow our customers to fully embrace the “green” effect and also meet their own “sustainable content” requirements.

Silaca Glass Crushers is also pleased to be an associate member of New Zealand’s first Clean Technology Centre and are proud to be the winner of the 2013 Kapiti Horowhenua Business Most Promising Clean Technology Achievement Award.

SILACA GLASS CRUSHERS is locally owned and operate out of the Otaki Transfer Station, Riverbank Road, Otaki.

Sustainability statement

By the very nature of the products we generate, Silaca Glass Crushers is committed to sustainability and lessening the impact on the environment.

We do this by:

  • Glass is recycled and crushed on-site eliminating travel miles
  • Glass crushing process makes extensive use of reconditioned and recycled plant and machinery
  • Operations site has been established extensively with recycled materials
  • Chemical-free mould release agents are used
  • Recycled packaging and shipping materials are used
  • Capture rainwater for use in the manufacturing process
  • Bottle tops and caps are separated and recycled
  • Strive to find new and innovative ways to utilise recycled glass

The Management Team
Silaca Glass Crushers
September 2011