Silaca Glass Crushers supports NZ’s love of the environment by processing recycled waste glass into specific profiles for their local downstream manufacture of a range of value added products and applications, including:

  • Silaca Overview
  • Silaca Products
  • Silaca Standard Paver – a low cost individually decorative hand finish paver with high environmental credentials. Download brochure
  • Silaca Design Paver – creative design paver incorporating traditional NZ images. Download brochure
  • Abrasive Grit – made from recycled crushed glass, a perfect clear cut surface finishing material and ideal for anti-slip flooring applications Download as PDF
  • Filtration Media – made from crushed recycled glass and ideal for pool, spa and waste water treatment systems. Download brochure
  • Landscaping Applications – crushed recycled glass for driveways, transport yards and general garden and path cover. Download brochure
  • Garden Art – range of garden ornaments and sculptures made with crushed recycled glass to enhance your garden or home. Download catalogue